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Royal Agricultural Winter Fair
Thompson's Maple Products has won the World Championship for maple syrup at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto, Canada, in both 1984 and 1989, as well as Reserve Champion status in 1995.
Thompson's Maple Products has produced verified organic products since 2004.  The organic certification ensures that products meet the highest consumer standards.  Inspections of the facility are regularly conducted by OCPP/Pro-Cert.  Organic certification guarantees product traceability, quality assurance, and procedure documentation.

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Canadian Export License
Thompson's Maple Products is inspected yearly by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and is issued a Sugar Bush Establishment registration certificate.  This federal government inspection through the Canada Agriculture Products Act allows for inter-provincial and world wide exporting of maple products.  The unscheduled site visit ensures that both the products and the production facility meet federal standards.  Maple syrup samples are sent to registered laboratories yearly for the testing of lead, paraformaldehyde, and adulteration.  Thompson's Maple Products has been a federally licensed establishment since 1977 and has exported maple products worldwide.